About ELI Logistix

ELI Logistix Way

At ELI Logistix every day actions are driven by these fundamentals:

At all times and under every circumstance, we shall conduct our interactions with individuals, organizations, communities and the environment with respect and professionalism.

We prioritize personalized attention for our customers, seamlessly integrating our know-how and leading technologies to enhance their experience

We perform operations effectively and efficiently supported by professional execution and timely and precise communication.

We are committed to maximizing the success of our customers' businesses by operating as their most reliable partner in transportation, logistics, and associated services.


To be a firm and consistent creator of appreciable value for our Customers, Employees, Vendors, Stakeholders and the Community.


To be the must reliable source of transport and logistic services.


ELI Logistix is the “result in process” of more than 50 years of business experience operating in the transportation industry. Its origins date back to the mid 60’s when Transportes Monterrey San Luis (TMSL) was founded by four brothers as a regional trucking company in San Luis Potosí, México.


TMSL grew steady for 3 decades running within the Mexican territory and operating terminals in San Luis Potosí, Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey. In 1995, with the arrival of the second generation, the company was divided into four businesses of the same nature, one of those being Monterrey Transportation Service (MTS) that continues operating to this date headquartered in Monterrey and key component of the Eli Logistix group


To pursue the growing business of global transportation and logistics, in 2002, Enlaces Logísticos Integrados (ELI) is incorporated in Monterrey. Since its creation, ELI has progressively built a reputable name in the import-export sector and has expanded presence to the main foreign trade zones in Mexico


ELI Logistics LLC was incorporated in Laredo, TX to operate as the US branch of the business. This addition has produced stronger alliances, business leverage and widened market presence.


ELI Logistix presence in North America grows stronger by establishing cross dock and yard operations in Laredo, TX. Also, commercial offices are added and consolidated in Queretaro, Nuevo Laredo and Boston.


Eli Logistix Trading Services is launched. Import and export to/from Mexico and the US.


CTPAT Certification - License to operate our fleet throughout North America - License to operate our fleet as specialized transportation (overweight / oversize).

Moving your business forward

We will keep our commitment to conduct business with the right balance of experience, passion and forward-thinking innovation in order to consistently achieve robust and enduring business relationships.

ELI Logistix . Sustainability . Global .



We regard human dignity as the highest value. We stimulate and support our team’s growth in the personal and professional fields. We demonstarte respect and care for our communities and nature.


Honesty and prudence are natural and permanent in our way of life and in the businesses we carry out.


We consistently meet our commitments to generate confidence towards our Customers.


Priorize joy as a driving force to create and sutain positive and enthusiastic atmospheres, knowing that these elements are fuel for outstanding team work performance and creativity.

Customer Centricity

Our Customers are the core and only source of our business, they are the reason of our existence. We must understand, anticipate and exceed their expectations always in order to thrive and evolve.


Team of Top
Logistic Experts

Lic en Negocios y Comercio Internacional (UAQ), profesional con aptitudes de resolucion de problemas, organizacion y adaptabilidad. Me gusta jugar al futbol y socializar.

Graduate of UT Nayarit in International Logistics Engineering, currently focused on maritime and air shipments. I enjoy my work and spending time with people I care about. I'm a collector, film enthusiast, and coffee lover. I like the beach, reading, dancing, discovering new places, taking on challenges, and shrimp.


I graduated from Tecnológico de Monterrey with a degree in finance. In my free time, I enjoy watching series and sports. I love traveling and exploring new places with my friends and family.



Graduated with a degree in International Relations from UANL, passionate about logistics and transportation, you enjoy challenges. On weekends, you like to fire up the grill, listen to music, and spend time with family. Your hobbies include watching soccer matches and movies, and you're a volunteer paramedic.




With training in the Public Accountant career, I am a proactive professional, oriented towards results and small details. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my partner and family. Hobbies include painting, watching horror movies, listening to music, and reading short stories.


Student of International Relations, what I enjoy doing in my free time is being with my family, listening to music and being with my pets. Hobbies: watching series, reading comics and playing videogames.


I graduated with a degree in Mechatronics Engineering, and throughout my professional life, I have managed to perform in various areas such as sales, customer service, planning, monitoring, and project development. And now, I am gaining experience in logistics operations. As hobbies, I like spending time with my partner and friends, as well as enjoying watching various sports and playing video games.



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